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Roof Shingles Flapping In Wind

Roof Shingles Flapping In Wind

Roofing shingles are one of the most common roofing materials that are always available on the market at present. Not they are so easy to install, they can hold on their own against heavy rains, strong winds, and other weather-related conditions. Shingles need to be placed on your roof correctly. If not, it can lead to more severe damage to your roof.

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You as years go by; you might notice that the shingle will begin to flap. In this article, we are going to give you the reasons why roof shingles flap in the wind.

Why My Roof Shingles Flap?

For roof shingles, they actually have two ways to resists winds. First is through the nailing pattern where they are being riveted in place. This would take a lot of much force of the wind to really uproot it. The second way is through using roof sealants. Both methods are actually excellent at making the water will not seep towards the gaps of the shingle, but there’s a chance they will as they age.

Be Sure to Check the Nail Patterns

Nails don’t really degrade when they are exposed to rain or high winds, but they can dislodge and out of place. This is due to an error during the installation or some erosion around your shingles. Nails that used to rivet shingles, flashings and other structures in your roof might last years to even decades. However, they still deteriorate if they face with constant water flow and constant changes in temperature.

We highly recommend that you reach out to a local roof contractor to help you with this case. These significant conditions would be one of the reasons why the shingles will flap when the wind is around.

Please Check the Sealings

As much as possible please check the sealings of your shingles. Also, it is not recommend that you install them during the colder seasons. When sealants are exposed to low temperatures, it will take around several weeks before they settle and become effective.

Aside from the improper way of placing the sealant, the deterioration of the sealant is also one of the major factors. The boxing matrix of the adhesive weakens as the years go by. The fluctuation of temperatures all year round also plays a massive factor in this.

One of the best times to properly seal your shingles is during the warmer months when the sealants can activate in a shorter period. UV rays from the sun also help your shingles expand as well—giving you a precise and accurate measurement of how they will look like when they expanded. Also, some sealants that are installed during colder temperatures might have bonds that will weaken when exposed to higher temperatures.

If ever you have no idea on how to install your shingles properly, please leave all the work to your reliable roofing contractor instead.

Prolonged Storage

It is not advisable that you keep your roofing shingles in storage for too long, for the constant change of room temperatures might deteriorate its quality. It is not advisable to store them in your home. If you have a lot of roof shingles and you have decided just to install them in a later date, you can coordinate with a storage facility so they can help you store them properly.

Contact Your Contractor Today

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