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Metal Roof Leaking At Ridge

Metal Roof Leaking At Ridge

Generally, metal roofs are one of the most long-lasting, durable, and user-friendly types of roof that you can find locally.  Whether if you’re talking about an accent roof, to a current residential home, or to even a complete metal roof for a new commercial structure, there are quite a few good things to know in having a metal roof.


But like most things we have at the moment, there are a few problems concerning this type of roofing. Unfortunately, due to the frequent storms that we are experiencing, the chance of your metal roof leaking at the ridge is undoubtedly inevitable.  Here are a few reasons why this problem can be a serious one, and what are the possible things that you can do about it.

What is a Ridge on a Roof Anyway?

For those who are still new to all things metal roofing, a ridge is basically the peak of the roof, where two (or sometimes more) metal pieces are combined together.  It’s often protected by a ridge cap to hide and more seam protection.

The problem starts to form when the cap doesn’t offer quite enough protection, and water from sudden storms or frequent rains would definitely infiltrate this part.

Why is it A Huge Problem?

A roof leak at any location can have some severe problems for the structural integrity of your roof, and your entire home.  However, a leakage or water infiltration at the ridge, especially if you have a metal roof installed, can be quite problematic to deal with.

One is that it can be challenging to figure out precisely the leading cause of the leak.  It could be due to improper sealing at the ridge itself, the ridge vent not adequately installed, or maybe the seam itself wasn’t properly lined up. One of these cases can be a possibility, and each one requires a different solution.

Another reason why leaks at the ridge of a metal roof can be very stressful to deal with is that they can be overlooked for quite some time, and therefore can lead to some severe mold or mildew issues even before you know about it.  Since they are more likely to occur directly above your head, they can be difficult to notice until the water starts to leak and drip on your head. The damage may already be done by then.

What Can You Do?

When it comes to finding solutions to this significant problem, getting into the preventative measures are a great way to avoid the issues.  Regular roof inspections by a professional that is familiar with the various building codes in your area is vital for maintaining the good health of your roof.  Even if you only do the inspections once a year, it’s a great way to discover minor issues before they get any worse.

Once you can find out that your metal roof is leaking, either by personal experience or through an inspection, you must seek and contact a roofing contractor company immediately.  Although it is very tempting to climb up on the roof yourself and fix the problem without any professional help, we highly suggest that you talk to a roofing contractor before doing anything.  This is not for safety reasons. Roofing contractors have been trained to not only to solve the problem correctly the first time, but also to give you the most cost-effective, durable, and budget-friendly solutions available.

Contact Your Contractor Today

We honestly can’t think of a better solution than to reach out to a reliable roofing contractor that would help you on all the roofing problems that you will face. We are happy to let you know that Half Price Roof has a professional roof contracting team that has many experiences on different types of roofs.

We have a very dedicated roofing contracting team that is available at any time of every season of every year to assist you for all your roofing needs. We have been in the industry for years, and we have a dedicated roofing team with decades of roofing experience under their belts. It’s time that you stop doing all the work yourself and get the most effective roofing solutions as soon as possible.

Now is the time that you stop worrying about your roofs and leave it to the experts. Be complete and stress-free when you reach out to Half-Price Roofing. For more information about our products and services and what we can do for your home or commercial building, feel free to give us a call today.