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Cold Applied Modified Bitumen Roofing

Cold Applied Modified Bitumen Roofing

One of the different types of roofing materials commercial properties used way back was modified Bitumen. First introduced in Europe during the 1960s and in the United States in the mid-1970s, this kind of roofing material is still one of the top choice or low-slopped and flat roofing.

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What is it About

For those who are just very new to this, Modified Bitumen is a kind of roofing material that is composed of polymer-modified Bitumen reinforced with single or multiple layers of fabric. This fabric can be polyester, glass fiber, or even a combination of both. This type of roofing can be installed either hold or cold application or self-adhered.

The Types of Modified Bitumen Membranes

When it comes to modified Bitumen, there are different types you need to be familiar with:

– Atactic Polypropylene (APP) – this is a thermoplastic polymer that can either be heat-welded or torch-applied. It notable for giving asphalt a plastic-like quality finish.

– Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS) – this is a modified bitumen roof that is installed using cold adhesive or hot mopping of asphalt. Sometimes, they usually come with adhesive backing. SBS Modified Bitumen roofing often bears a rubber-like appearance.

Why A Lot of Commercial Buildings Get Modified Bitumen Roofing

The reason why commercial building gets modified bitumen roofs is that they keep the business protected from different kinds of outside elements and saves a lot of money since this roofing material has energy-saving properties to lower your consumption. Having a reliable roofing contractor in the area is one way to be sure that they are installed adequately without any stress.

It is highly recommended that you get a roofer that has partnered with reliable roofing companies so that you can be sure that all the products that are being attached to your roof are legit and long-lasting. As much as possible, do not settle for only using Class A products.

Why Consider Getting This Kind of Roofing?

Modified bitumen roofing is still currently one of the most highly recommended commercial roofing materials to have. Here are some reasons why you should consider in getting one:

  1. Modified bitumen roofs can last you to 2 decades. You don’t event need regular maintenance work to check up on it because they are that durable.
  2. All types of modified Bitumen are long-lasting and can withstand either cold or hold temperatures during its polymer modification. The more of a sheet, the more it improves durability.
  3. They are waterproof and sure to protect your building from leaks and other related types of water damage.
  4. 100% Energy-efficient. They come with an insulating layer that helps limit the flow of heat throughout the system.

How to Prevent Cold Modified Bitumen Roofing Wrinkling

Modified bitumen (MB or mod-bit) roofing membranes are guaranteed durable, have long-lasting weatherproofing technology, and incorporating overlapping bituminous sheets in a hot- or cold-applied configuration. If there are instances that the layers aren’t placed correctly, they can really cause some huge problems on your part. Here are some reminders that you should always remember.

– Find out the primary cause. The possible reasons for wrinkling can happen when the Bitumen is too hot, and the MB membrane that was set in the adhesive that was too hot, causing it to wrinkle and distort.

– The hot-applied Bitumen is too cold. Aside from this, the MB membrane does not adhere appropriately due it was melted into place.

– Cold applied adhesive was placed too thick, and the excess adhesive is still flashing off, which causes the MB membrane to distort or blister.

– Make sure that no moisture is trapped underneath that would cause the MB membrane to blister or distort.

The good thing about modified bitumen membranes is that it can offer excellent weatherproofing protection. However, as way to really achieve this, the proper application should be made to ensure longevity. You can avoid these kinds of issues by reviewing the product datasheet, as well as the application instructions before you ever install a modified bitumen roofing product.

Lastly, it is always best to follow the roofing contractor’s recommendations, such as the application temperatures and ambient conditions. If ever you find an unexpected situation occurring during the installation process, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible for help in determining the root cause and what would be the next courses of action.

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