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Best Roofing Material For Flat Roofs

Best Roofing Material For Flat Roofs

Whenever you have plans for getting a roof for a commercial building you own, you are probably thinking about a lot of things. Replacing your roof, especially a commercial roof, is not a walk in the park.

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If you’re currently having plans of getting a new roof for it, then a lot of research is required in finding out the best material that is best for your flat roof. Not only you have to take note of the cost, but you also have to consider the materials and the quality.

Here are some highly recommended materials that are proven and tested for flat roofs. Please note that you might consider getting a second opinion from a reliable roofer before deciding on choosing the material.


Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer or better known by roofing contractors as EPDM, has been designed to be durable and long-lasting roofing material. It has been widely used over the past couple of years in low-sloped buildings across the United States.

EPDM is commonly made available in either black and white. The black EPDM material helps absorb heat, which is a great need during the cold months and seasons. The absorbed heat can thaw water so it can flow downwards faster and alleviate any damage caused by ice dams. This EPDM variant can help insulate heat. The white option is used for some buildings because it can reflect off UV rays that might cause intense heat build-up inside your home.


PVC material is a common material used in hard pipes and gutters. Although this is quite true, they are also is used on rooftops. Also, it is more flexible than their related pipe cousins. Just like EPDM and any other similar materials, its membrances can be mechanically attached or even fully-adhered. They can be customized—this is quite important, especially those who wanted to personalize their roofing system to their desire.

Although it does have some exceptional heat-resistance and punctures to leaks, it’s not going to adhere to other asphalt-based roofing materials. If you are planning on installing PVC together with asphalt-based materials, just make sure they do not come in physical contact. In most cases, contractors will have to place separator sheets between the PVC and asphalt materials.


TPO is, and without a double, an all-around step up from PVC. The reason why is mostly used for flat roofs is because of its coated nature. The material that is used on the top layer is different from the material is used below it. Its wearing surface is at the top later, while the filler is located at the bottom of the material.

It is commonly manufactured by having small rolls instead of one large sheet. In this case, it will require more seams than usual. EPDM, on the other hand, requires fewer seams because it is commonly sold as a large sheet.

It’s a popular go-to material for many because it is affordable to get. If your priority is on affordability, then TPO would be the best choice. However, compared to PVC  which is a sort of an upgraded version, it does not live up much to its expectation. It is important to do your own research first on the best manufacturers for this material and the warranties that come with it.

Never Purchase Cheap Materials

Choosing cheap materials for your roof would only just give you more problems and more expense in the future. We highly recommend that you only get roofing shingles from reliable and well-reviewed roof shingle manufacturers.

Understandably, you might not be able to know which product to get or which manufacturer to trust. This is where you can ask help from your neighbor, go through online reviews, or reach out to your reliable roofing contractor for assistance.

We highly recommend that you reach out to roofing contractors first because they know what’s best—in fact, they should be the only people that you can rely on when it comes to anything that you need in your roof.

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