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Are Roof Warranties Worth It

Are Roof Warranties Worth It

Installing a new roof, in all honesty, requires some expense. This is the reason why a lot of contractors in the area are already used to the shocked faces of clients whenever they inquire about their services. The cost of home renovation always increase every year, and the cost of roofing materials has also increased too.

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The fact that a roof is that much more expensive makes the warranty that contractors offer yet more meaningful and vital to their customers—or it should.

Getting a roof replaced or repaired is much more expensive, which makes the contractor’s offer on the warranty to be more meaningful and essential to their clients. Lately, however, homeowners often have the mistaken impression that a “30-year warranty” or “50-year warranty” that contractors mention means that someone from the company will visit you right away to fix things should there be any problems, at absolutely no charge.  Homeowners tend to confuse the manufacturer warranty, on a product, with the quality warranty that is being offered by the roofing contractor. Just to be clear, the warranty that promises service in the event of the specific problem is the result of installation error.

Roof Manufacturing Warranties

In the case of roofing manufacturing warranties, it is said that they’re all similar, and no two are the same. You must understand that warranties vary, and that makes sense. Thirty-year roof shingles are engineered to last that length of time, also considering various conditions, ditto 25-year shingles, and so on. What the said warranty promises is that the manufacturer will replace the said product (usually in the span of 20-50 years) on a pro-rated basis. That is, the product is really confirmed to be defective.

This means that if by some strange instance that those freshly installed shingles simply break, the manufacturer would be obligated to provide new ones. No excuses.

A homeowner that has a failed roof, turning to the manufacturer for relief, would quickly know that such mistakes would void the product warranty. Aside from this, roofing manufacturers issue detailed instructions on the roof installation. If the roof fails on its first year, on its sixth, or the 15th, it can be demonstrated that the guidelines were not significantly followed. The product warranty is similarly voided.

If you were a well-informed homeowner, you should be paying a lot more attention to the roofing contractor’s workmanship warranty. If ever you’re not familiar with this, it is where the rubber meets the roof, so to speak.

If something goes wrong with your roof, you must reach out to the roofing contractor who installed them. However, the quality warranty offered by these many roofing companies, which is supposed to promise service without charge for the stated coverage period essentially—typically doesn’t provide that for anywhere near the length of time you’d find in a manufacturer’s warranty. A reliable source said that a lot of contractors offer one to two years of coverage.

So, what would a customer make of this: the manufacturer offers a 25-year or 50-year warranty on the product while the installing contractor offers a warranty of just one or two years on the installation of said product?

More roofing contractors see these related matters as a marketing opportunity to extend their workmanship warranty. This is according to reliable sources. Roofers offer a one- or two-year workmanship warranty on a new roof, but with the condition that should be the only company to work on your roof and nothing.

Some roofing companies attempt to clarify for website visitors how their workmanship warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty on the product are different. Various roofing contractors in the area offer three, five, to 10-year workmanship warranties. This, of course, would depend on whether the work is repair or roof replacement.

It’s Best to Take Note of What’s Covered on Not

Aside from getting a complete understanding of what is covered under these roofing warranties, it would help if you also made it a priority to know what’s not included. Problems like insufficient ventilation, faulty design of a building, and old drainage systems are usually not covered under roofing material and installation warranties.

Of course, if ever you have any problems with your roof and everything is just too confusing for you, you should seek out a reliable roofer and ask further. Don’t be ashamed to ask what doesn’t seem clear to you because reliable roofing contractors, will always have the patience and help you with whatever roofing concerns you need.

It’s about time you stop worrying about your flat roofs and leave it to roofing experts to keep you stress-free. If you want to know more information about our services, or if you still want more details about dealing with your flat roofs, never hesitate to contact us today.